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SL-2102-1 Supplement Light

SL-2102-1 Supplement Light

ИК-прожекторы - Light type Imported high-power infrared LED; LED lamp beads 16; Color Temperature 5000K-7000K; Angle Of Light 10 °; Coverage Single lane; Effective Distance 16-25 m; Trigger Manner TTL level(switch trigger optional); Trigger Level 4V ~ 6V (Active High)
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Характеристики SL-2102-1

  •  Adopt aluminum alloy light body, fin-type radiator, and high light transmission with tempering glass.  Imported infrared LED chips with long lifespan, good stability and high luminous efficiency.  Professional optical design, light uniformity and target spot distinct.  Adopt advanced constant current drive technology, which make the current control accurate and stable, enhance the product reliability and reduce the light attenuation effectively.  Support camera false triggering protection, automatic protection initiation at the abnormal triggering signal and automatic recovery.  The novelty design of the light, such as small size, light weight and high adaptability, make it quite easy for installation and adjustment.  The IP66 design make it waterproof and dustproof unfailingly  Green environmental protection without harmful metal such as mercury and lead.